Final Score Indiana is designed to be the perfect money making addition for virtually any bar or restaurant.

Experience the Final Score Trivia difference:

  • A challenging game played in a fair, mildly-competitive environment
  • A wider demographic and age range than any other form of live bar entertainment
  • Professionally researched questions (not Internet downloads or board game rehashes)
  • Upbeat music played during the entire game
  • Prompt, courteous and personable MC's
  • Games last from 2 to 2 1/2 hours
  • Professional, mature service and business dealings, and corporate stability

And of course, you get cross-promotion on our website by way links to your bar, and an innovative mapping feature that draws teams to your location (courtesy of Google Maps).

For more information, or to arrange to place the game in your establishment, please contact Glenn Stolfi at . Thanks!

Updated April 13, 2014
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