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Agoraphobics Night Out - $2000 Grand Prize Winners

Teams had a great time on Saturday, December 13, 2008. It was the third time at Jilly's for the Trivia Bowl ("shoutz" to "LL Cool J" and the rest of the great folks at Jilly`s)! The competition was hard, the questions were tough, but you all proved tough competitors! Thanks to everyone for a fabulous season!

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Trivia Bowl Winners

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Dumb and Dumber - 2nd ($750)
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The Triviots - 3rd ($500)
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Captain Loomis - 4th ($250)

Trivia Bowl Team Photos

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TB21_2412.jpg: 1800x1199, 874k (January 04, 2009)
Delta Force
TB21_2417.jpg: 1800x1199, 853k (January 04, 2009)
On A Mission
TB21_2419.jpg: 1800x1199, 1028k (January 04, 2009)
Cheezeits of Nazareth
TB21_2421.jpg: 1800x1198, 913k (January 04, 2009)
Agoraphobics Night Out
TB21_2426.jpg: 1800x1199, 916k (January 04, 2009)
Captain Loomis
TB21_2429.jpg: 1800x1199, 984k (January 04, 2009)
Short Bus Reunion
TB21_2432.jpg: 1800x1199, 886k (January 04, 2009)
You`ll Get Nothing and Like It
TB21_2436.jpg: 1800x1197, 844k (January 04, 2009)
Men Of Leisure
TB21_2438.jpg: 1800x1197, 903k (January 04, 2009)
Dumb and Dumber Baltimore
TB21_2441.jpg: 1800x1199, 1056k (January 04, 2009)
Free Radicals
TB21_2443.jpg: 1800x1199, 918k (January 04, 2009)
Assorted Nuts
TB21_2445.jpg: 1800x1200, 962k (January 04, 2009)
Wed Morning Hangovers
TB21_2447.jpg: 1800x1199, 901k (January 04, 2009)
Dumb and Dumber
TB21_2449.jpg: 1800x1199, 1006k (January 04, 2009)
Iron Horse
TB21_2451.jpg: 1800x1199, 928k (January 04, 2009)
Crimson Revolver
TB21_2455.jpg: 1800x1198, 986k (January 04, 2009)
Born To Lose
TB21_2457.jpg: 1800x1199, 1005k (January 04, 2009)
The Triviots
TB21_2459.jpg: 1800x1199, 1081k (January 04, 2009)
Not A Clue

Individual and Other Photos

TB21_2452.jpg: 1800x1199, 849k (January 04, 2009)
TB21_2488.jpg: 1312x870, 515k (January 04, 2009)
TB21_2466.jpg: 1728x1150, 673k (January 04, 2009)
TB21_2470.jpg: 1800x1202, 791k (January 04, 2009)
TB21_2477.jpg: 1800x1199, 1068k (January 04, 2009)
TB21_2408.jpg: 1800x1199, 627k (January 04, 2009)

Past Trivia Bowl Winners

For more photos, see Trivia Bowl 20 Photos

TB20_1031.jpg: 1800x1200, 1014k (August 24, 2008)
Tee Dubs - Trivia Bowl XX Winners
TB19_8810.jpg: 1800x1200, 991k (May 25, 2008)
Assorted Nuts - Trivia Bowl XIX Winners
TB18_6511.jpg: 1936x1288, 1319k (December 26, 2007)
Agorophobics Night Out - Trivia Bowl XVIII Winners
TB17_3120.jpg: 1800x1197, 1092k (December 10, 2007)
Assorted Nuts - Trivia Bowl XVII Winners

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